Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of privacy to our users, so at HoleEngine, user privacy is always our top priority. We only collect a minimal amount of necessary information and take security measures to protect user privacy.

Information collected


We only collect the IP address of the user’s current login device, and if the user changes the login device, the previous IP address will be overwritten. We do not store the user’s historical IP addresses.

Favorites function

We save the user’s favorite information to enable the favorites function in the app. Users can also delete this information at any time.

Browsing history

We save the user’s browsing history to enable the browsing history function in the app.

Subscribed websites

We save the information of websites that the user has subscribed to enable the article update function.

Email address

We save the user’s email address to enable the login function.


We save the user’s username to enable the login function.


We encrypt and save the user’s password, and we cannot access the user’s original password. Even in the event of a data breach, the user’s password will remain secure.

Data deletion

Users can delete their account at any time, and after deletion, all user information will be erased and cannot be recovered. For security purposes, we back up the database, and it usually takes 6 months for the backup data to be deleted after deleting the data. Once the backup data is deleted, the user’s data will be completely erased from the world.

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